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                                                                                      BFFC REFUND POLICY

The BFFC requires all potential participants to fully understand our refund policy prior to registering. Refunds will NOT be issued due to over scheduling of the participant or if the participant misses the MANDATORY EVALUATIONS

The BFFC requires a minimum commitment of at least 3 hours a week (1.5 hours during the week and 1.5 hour on Saturday).  Subject to change based on scheduling and team practices. 


   * No refund will be issued after the registration deadline (July 31st). Refund requests must be received prior to the registration deadline in order for the refund to be processed
   * All refund requests received prior to the program registration deadline will be assessed an administrative fee of $30.00 and forfeit any processing fee or donation
   * Any cancellation after the registration deadline will forfeit all funds
   * Refund for illness or emergency will require documentation and will be at the discretion of the BFFC
The amount  of the refund will be determined as follows:

   * Prior to registration deadline: Registration fee less $30.00 administrative fee, processing fee and donation
   * Past registration deadline due to illness or emergency will be at the discretion of the BFFC